Hongo Nezu Yanaka


I was hanging out with my girlfriend all the day. It was nice. At first we had curry at Kissaten, and went down to Yokoo Tadanori's exhibition. His works are nice. I usually like to buy postcards, but I didn't buy them there, because his works on the wall absolutely looked much more inspiring. Ah, that's good to find the postcard of that drawing that I saw in San Francisco. It reminded me of that trip. Anyway, the whole exhibition was great.

The greatest thing is...CATS in Yanaka Reien. So So So cute. So lovely. We're like screaming to see the cats there....you'll be surprised how many cats you can find there. I guess..10 is easy to find, maybe in 15 minutes. We called one pretty friendly cat "Mike Taro". He was sooooooo cute, he came and touched us!! for several times!!!!!